Saturday, January 21, 2012


Enjoyed the latest James Patterson novel. "Private #1 Suspect" written with his author du jour was a sequel. Fortunately I was able to remember the background from the previous book so I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Jack Morgan is the head of a PI agency called Private and it's state of the art. He needs his own company when he's framed for a murder of a former girlfriend. In addition he's pressured by the mob to help them find 30 million in prescription drugs that disappeared. Throw in a serial killer and a movie star that likes young girls and you have a pretty hefty line up. Good job!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Loved the new Tami Hoag novel, "Down the Darkest Road." She went back to her former novel and brought some characters back. She also went back in time to 1990 so the police work was different and so was the life style with no electronics and DNA was still sketchy. The character was a mother of a girl that had been missing for four years and her husband had killed himself from his depression. She was left with a younger daughter and a life of wanting revenge on the monster who took her daughter. They know who it is and the police can't do anything about it. No evidence that can be used. He's known for his record as a pervert but nothing more has been proven. The mother is taking things into her own hands since the police can't do what she can. Good read!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


10 days to finish this book and it was excellent. Don't know why it's taking me so long anymore to read something. I don't get my lunchtime to do it since it's so noisy in our breakroom and sitting in the car can get a little cold and uncomfortable. Anyway, "The Lady of the Rivers" by Philippa Gregory was excellent. She takes a relatively obscure character out of history and gives them the credit they deserve. In this case it was Jaquetta who is descended from Melusina, the river goddess. As a young teen she met Joan of Arc and was present for her execution. She learned then to keep her second sight quiet but when she was given in marriage to Duke of Bedford he kept her a virgin so she could scry for him as a pure maiden. He introduced her to a mysterious world of learning and alchemy. Her only friend is the duke's squire, Richard Woodville. When the Duke dies she marries in secret to Richard. She's fined by the empire for marrying without permission but she is a favorite at the court of King Henry VI and a friend to his bride. Her husband is made a Baron and they have a small estate he inherits from his father where they raise their 12 children. One dies in adolescence. They both spend the majority of their time away from the family at court. Love Philippa Gregory and her history lessons.

Friday, December 30, 2011


Looks like I'm ending the year with just 88 books read. My last two were not winners. Patricia Cornwell did it again with her latest "Red Mist." Almost 500 pages and it didn't get interesting until about 450 pages. She killed off a major player. Maybe she'll continue to do that until it's just Kay Scapetta and we can bury this series. I keep hoping that Patricia will come back to her beginnings but I think she's wandering farther away.

No big plans for New Year's. I have to work since I got those 6 days off over Christmas. They close the store early on Saturday but I have the late shift on Sunday which will ruin any plans with the family on that day.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I can't believe it took me 17 days to read this latest novel. It's not that it wasn't just was a very slow read. "The Surrendered" by Chang-Rae Lee started in Korea during the war and ended probably at the turn of the century. Flash backs kept occurring and one minute June was a young orphan in Korea and the next she was a woman in her late 40's dying of cancer but on a quest to find her estranged son in Italy. She enlists her ex-husband to help find the son he didn't know he had. I'm so glad to be finished with it!

Had another short visit from my Colorado friend and her son. They came yesterday early afternoon and left this morning. Her mother passed away last week so she's back in Virginia trying to settle the estate. The tragedy is giving us more chances to visit.

Christmas shopping is pretty much done. Not much under the tree but I did it pretty much in an hour or two. Wrapping took longer than buying. Still wishing I didn't have to bother but it's coming whether I want it or not.

I was scheduled to work 10 days but I didn't make it the 10th. I had stomach distress and knew that if I tried to work and couldn't get someone to cover me in time, there would have been "clean up in aisle one" at the store. I took Friday off and was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Now I work 4 and am off for 6 over Christmas. I'm sure I'll pay the price for those 6 days off.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Finished the latest James Patterson novel, "Kill Alex Cross." It is a sequel that Patterson still writes on his own. This was one of his best. The plot was two fold. Alex Cross was called to help when the President's children were kidnapped from their private school. At the same time terrorist activities were taking place in Washington. At first it was thought that the two were connected. The two stories ran simultaneously and created a good read. Scary because it could happen.

Picked up my new iPhone 4S tonight. It was great until I came home and connected it to my iTunes and suddenly it was my iPhone 4 all over again. Everything I downloaded as far as apps turned my new phone into my old one. Now I have to restore the 4S and figure out how to keep my apps. Always something.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Got the latest book by Clive Cussler and his author du jour. "Devil's Gate" was a Kurt Austin sequel and was filled with lots of adventure. A whacky ruler of Sierra Leone has decided to take over the world with his latest weapon. Using electro magnetic pulse he will disable whatever he aims at. Of course Kurt and his sidekick, Joe, are caught up in the whole mess. He'll save the world, as usual. Fun read.